New Season 3! Balancing Byas "Closer to fame"

Actor/Filmmaker/Award Winner/BroadwayWorld Award Nominee.

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Patrick Byas

Look out for my co-star appearance on Season 1 of Showtime's series Billions.

Season 2- Balancing Byas "Journey to fame"

"Although, as embodied by actor Patrick Byas, he is a strikingly ripped specimen of a man... ‚ÄčAll the leads are up to the task of keeping us pinned to the action... and Byas ridiculously magnetic.

                                             -- THE DENVER POST

Look out for my co-star appearance on the last & final season of CBS's show Person of Interest. 

Guest-starred on the Season 6 of CBS's Blue Bloods.

Co-starred on Season 3 of The Blacklist on NBC.